Saffron’s History in Europe

History of Saffron in Europe

Saffron the red gold of Persia or a spain or wherever it happens to be growing I suppose. was often the most expensive spice and is a still the most expensive spice today but unlike other spices which were expensive due to the fact that they had to come from all the way around the world. Saffron grew pretty much all over Europe in the most of the middle ages. what made it so precious is how labor-intensive it was and still is to obtain. Now it’s thought that after disappearing from Europe following the fall of Rome, .Saffron was brought up through Spain by people

By early 1200 French people were cultivating Saffron in France and not long after farmers were cultivating it all around Europe. In England for instance people grew it throughout south east part of the kingdom most famously in a town called Chepyng Walden which later changed its name to Saffron Walden.

By the 18th century, most parts of northern Europe had stopped growing Saffron and it was possibly due to the little ice age happening in that time but mostly it was due to the fact that people could make more money in a factory than picking crocuses. Also the wealthy who commanded the meat for the spice found new things to spend your money on like chocolate and coffee and vanilla and tea.

But whatever the reason outside the countries of Mediterranean and Spain and Italy. Most of Europe doesn’t use a lot of Saffron today.

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