Korkimas Saffron

Since its foundation in 2018,Korkimas has professionally developed its activity in Saffron industry. As a proficient enterprise, we have aimed to select and offer the purest and the highest quality Saffron in order to make sure that we are always the best representative of this valuable product in the world.

Our policy is based on 4 beliefs:

1. Dedication
Korkimas is dedicated to customers’ demands so we are obliged to carry out our mission at any cost. This is very important about us.

2. Honesty
We are always seeking to show our honesty in practice and Authentication of this are the individuals who have done business with us during this time.

3. Quality
We observe the product from the moment it’s cultivated until it’s delivered to our customers. For achieving this goal we perform the precise control and monitoring measurements at every level of producing, packing and delivering.

Customer Satisfaction
We believe that even if all of our responsibilities are fulfilled in accordance to the contract but customer satisfaction is not obtained, we have failed. Therefore Korkimas is obliged to gain customer satisfaction.


Korkimas products

As a part of this effort we provide our customerss premium quality Saffron and appreciate the diligent hands of the farmers who endeavor to earnestly harvest saffron flowers.