Saffron and Arthritis

saffron and arthritis

Saffron and Arthritis

Can saffron reduce arthritis pain? Scientists believe that saffron may, in fact, have a lot of benefits for arthritis! Arthritis is a condition that causes joint pain or joint disease in an individual’s body. It may be only a single term, however, there is a large number of (more than 100 types) arthritis and related conditions. Next to pain, people also suffer from swelling and stiffness in a joint or joints which can be truly disruptive to the patterns of everyday life.

A lot of studies have shown the relation between saffron stigmas and arthritis. Arthritis is not a permanently curable disease so the role the beneficial effects of saffron play is the reduction of arthritis pain.

Many scientists from around the world have agreed on the efficacy of saffron in pain reduction. They report that saffron “is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factor”. It has the potential for the treatment of the patient who suffers from the arthritis-related diseases we associate with inflammation”. It includes different types )of arthritis such as RA and OA. (Check scitechdaily).

Of all properties and compounds saffron has, Crocin in saffron is believed to be beneficial for the reduction of arthritis pain. That is the reason why scientists frequently insist on the quality of saffron consumers should buy. We must not forget that quality equals health and longevity. The higher quality, the less pain!

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