How to preserve saffron?

How to preserve saffron

How to preserve saffron while preserving its taste?

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, which means that creating the right conditions for its storage is of special importance. Saffron has a relatively longer shelf life of two years or more than other spices, so buying it in bulk is a good option. But only if you can prevent it from losing its various properties. To maximize its shelf life and preserving saffron, here are some of the best tips for storing saffron:

1) Dry the saffron

If you have just bought saffron, the first step to maintaining them is to dry the saffron. The process of drying saffron is a simple method: Place the saffron threads between paper towels and place them in a warm, dry place. After about a week, pour the yarn into a bowl.

2) Use the right container

Saffron should be stored in a sealed container away from air circulation. The goal is to protect the spice from air circulation. This container must block air from entering from outside. Store your saffron in the smallest container you can to minimize the amount of air that comes in contact with the spice. Plastic containers are not a good option for storing saffron because it reduces the quality of saffron.

3) Keep saffron away from light

Saffron is very sensitive to light, so much so that its sensitivity to light determines when it is harvested. This spice loses both its color and its aroma if it is exposed to too much light. One of your options is to use a container that prevents light from entering, the other is to wrap the saffron in foil before placing it in the container. Foil protects saffron from light and air.

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