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Quince and Saffron Brew

How to make Quince and Saffron brew?




Time for a quick brew! Quince and saffron brew is one of Iranians’ favorite drinks, especially on cold days or when your energy drains away after working long hours. This brew will definitely make exhaustion and cold go away! It is interesting to know that quince and saffron are a great pair, apart from their benefits (click for quince health benefits), in terms of taste when it comes to preparing a refreshing brew or a healthy meal with them.


A large glass of hot water
2 dried quinces
1 medium cinnamon stick
2 cardamom pods
A small to the medium pinch of saffron
Add sugar to taste


1. Pour water into a teapot once it is boiled.
2. Add the dried quinces, the cinnamon stick, pods, and saffron to the hot water in the teapot.
3. Let it brew for 20 minutes.

Remember to have your saffron steeped in a small amount of warm water before adding it to the rest of the ingredients. Enjoy your brew!



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